50 Ways Lofi Freestyle (2020)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

Vocals by Jeremiah the Dreamer. A quick 24 bars on a loop. Lofi hip hop.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had the same dark dreams
I’ve got doomsday glasses I take a look at the scene
I see nothing but disaster – a whole lot of calamity
Insanity is the norm – Can’t believe the chicanery
The irony is so thick – cut it with a knife
You can skin it 50 ways while it soul sucks your life
‘Cause ain’t nothing right – It’s all looking pretty wrong
If you keeping track at home man it’s 4th and long
We about to throw this hail mary man it better get caught
The clock is close to running out and this is all we got
The bleachers are packed – this is it – do or die
If you grabbing that trophy it be that ultimate high
But we all can’t be winners – one side has got to get crushed
The agony of defeat hits you hard like a bus
Ain’t no time to discuss – I’m on a path to seize glory
Getting knocked down is never the end of my story
I was just tripping – hit a blip – kinda stumbled
The end of act 2 the hero always gets humbled
But then they overcome – take down the big bad
Nearly die while they do it – give it all that they had
Then raise your hand to the air ’cause the stars aligned
The universe had your back – you got your moment to shine
Take a moment to reflect because it’s all that you got
Until the next underdog comes to steal your spot