Black Eye Freestyle (2020)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

Black Eye Freestyle just a little #freestyleFriday thing. All vocals, beat, and guitar by Jeremiah the Dreamer – I’m always f#cking ready to rock that black eye… #makeMusic

I’m just another dreamer on a mission to thrive
Got that gleam in my eye and my eye on the prize
I’m always ever ready I got something to spit
Give me a mic and a beat and I’ll light that wick
I’ll burn it down if you give me long enough in the set
Pay attention in the session get your mind straight recked
In a positive way there ain’t no bad vibes
I ain’t nothing but a poet trying to talk about life
And I’m gonna talk about the good the bad and the ugly
And scream it outloud to the God above me
Not like he gives a f#ck bigger fish to fry
But I’m trying to get noticed so at least I’ll try
What’s up Dad, how you doing has it all gone well
Are we on the right path? Only time will tell
Well thanks for the talk that really cleared it up
I mean dude, what the f#ck? What the f#cking f#ck?
Enough of that lets get back to doomsday prepping
Sharpening my skills use my mind like a weapon
We all masked up so I’m feeling ninja
We see what we want choose your own adventure
Like I said I’m just a dreamer on a mission to thrive
Lived the first half of my life with dollar signs in my eyes
But reality got me working class to the bone
I’m trying to pay these bills and rock this microphone
This ain’t no fight to the death It’s just a little bit of boxing
I throw a couple punches get your head f#cking bobbin
straight mic brawler far from a shot caller
I’ve taken a couple of falls yo you can’t win ’em all
I give as good as I get man I roll with the punches
All the way back to everyday sack lunches
And I’m gonna keep on punching ’till the day that I die
I’m always f#cking ready to rock that black eye