Lost in Space (You Probably Racist Freestyle 2020)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

All vocals, guitar and beat by Jeremiah the Dreamer 2020 – (Lost in Space – You Probably Racist Freestyle 2020) – 84 bars – #makeMusic #protestMusic #lofiHipHop

Lost in Space (You Probably Racist Freestyle 2020) – lyrics:

Lost in space too stoned to win the race
Danger all around better know your place
I’m rolling down the road with a mic in my hand
Trying to keep myself sane at least that’s the plan
It’s looking bleak but it’s always really dark before the dawn
There’s light at the end of the tunnel so hold on
We riding this beast until the wheels fall off
And we make our last stand against the final boss
It’s written on the subway walls – the bathroom stalls
Graffiti on the street and the high school halls
That I’m the emcee who plays guitars
And hangs out with hippies who dream of being stars
Jeremiah – pumped up like car tires
Sick of the shit man the worlds on fire
I wish that I could do a little more to help
But money equals power I ain’t got no wealth
All I got is a voice and I try to speak well
We try and make it better only time will tell
I really think we all in the fight of our lives
Yet some of y’all morons can’t pick a side
tHeY bOtH sO bAd wHaT iM sUpPoSeD tO sAy?
One side’s got the Nazis and the KKK
If that don’t give you a clue that they’re bad
It’s already too late for your old dumba$$
I speak the truth better wear bulletproof
So many guns we’ve got ’em stack to the roof
They that it’s supposed to keep all of us more safe
Then they shoot you in the street man just in case
You know what they say? They say they thought you had a gun
Even if your back’s turned and you on the run
Even if your hands in the air you doing nothing
They really just think we all guilty of something
It’s really amplified if your skin ain’t white
Never understood it man your sh!t ain’t right
How you judge a person by the color of their skin
And never even take a moment to look within
Because you racist – White people got a problem
You don’t want to talk about it but we f#cking gotta
You guys have brought the f#cking Nazis back
We got children locked in cages at the border it’s wack
You vote the same way as the KKK
Spouting racist talking points man the whole damn way
You vote with the racists every single election
But you won’t admit it – it’s all misdirection
You ain’t got the spine to admit who you are
You try and justify it while you sit at the bar
i cAn’T bE a rAcisT mAn i gOt A bLaCk fRiEnD
Dude he knows you can’t be trusted – give it up – it’s the end
This Trump bullsh!t has exposed the truth
Your Facebook feed f#cking holds the proof
You don’t give a f#ck who lives or dies
If it don’t directly affect your life
There’s more Trump supporters in my family than not
Going around these f#cking people is a straight brain-rot
Everything that’s wrong man – they voted for it
What I’m supposed to act like we ain’t at war man?
What I’m supposed to act like you’ve got a soul?
You don’t give a f#ck – there’s a gaping hole
Where your heart should be – you’ve been given so much
You think you’ve earned every dime cuz you’re out of touch
It’s the epitome of white f#cking privilege
To vote for the racist – and say yo I ain’t racist
To do racist things and say bUt iM nOt rAciSt
iM nOt rAcisT bUt bLaH BlaH bLaH – dude you’re racist
I been around that sh!t man – my whole f#cking life
It’s a white people problem – it’s us – it’s the whites
We ain’t empathizing with it man – we causing the problem
It’s the way that you vote and the people around you
There’s specific laws that target certain races
In every city, every county, every state in our nation
And they get a little harsher if you son’t vote blue
The racists voting red fAm – what about you?
I know for me I’m gonna stand in opposition of the Nazis
Got too many family members sounding like they Chachi
Being not racist in this climate’s not enough
I’m anti-racist #AntifaAsFuck
Take it how you will but if we down and out
We ain’t on the same side man I know what you about
You people can’t begin to value human life
Your whole party turned into the f#cking Alt-Right
It’s written on the subway walls – the bathroom stalls
Graffiti on the street and the high school halls
That we’re sick of your sh!t so it’s time to fight
It’s been dark for a minute but we bringing the light