2RKO Freestyle (2021)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

Dropping bars for freestyle friday over “2nd Round Knockout” by Canibus. #makeMusic

2RKO Lyrics:

I got here kinda late how is everybody doing
Battles all around we a country in ruins
We gotta keep pushing ’till we see improvement
Tragedy can strike and spark a movement
The sheep will always flock to the loudest sound around
Big and fat with the bluster people love a clown
Until that same funny clown burns the whole place down
And leave ya holding nothing but your fuckin’ dick and a frown
It’s what they voted for ain’t it – These people are shameless
Hate on everybody and then claim they ain’t racist
Scream law and order then steal your paycheck
Get a whole cult of followers that are brainless
2021 gonna be a bloody year
’cause these Nazis ain’t stopping man they driven by fear
The only thing they understand is consequences
Someone’s gonna have to knock them back to their senses
I volunteer push me straight to the front
We all really at war whether you see it or not
And I swear on my first and second and third born
That ain’t no fucking Nazis gonna win this war
They fucking started it again they ain’t never gonna stop
They ain’t never gonna learn ’till we smash they block
We gotta stand together we can’t do it alone
So I’m gonna pledge my life and my microphone