That’s How It Goes (2020)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

Brand new track from Jeremiah the Dreamer (2020) “That’s How It Goes”
All vocals, guitar and beat produced and recorded by Jeremiah the Dreamer

“That’s How It Goes” – lyrics

Verse 1
Don’t think this is a joke son – I’m playing for keeps
I pulled my head from the clouds – I got my ear to the street
I’m aged like fine wine – I always hit the spot
I think I found me a party people I’m ready to rock
I got a million ideas I see them come and they go
Worlds a stage I’m a dreamer in a traveling show
And I’ll perform for everyone get a glimpse of the beast
I’m trying to get a little money and something to eat
I gotta find my place – stuck in the land of the lost
Where I’m fighting to survive it don’t matter the cost
It’s the American dream we all be chasing the riches
They got us dreaming about the lotto when we washing the dishes
They Shoveling shit and we grin and we bare it
But I ain’t taking shit from the local Karen
I ain’t got time for the blow for blow
I gotta hit it quick and bounce baby that’s how it goes

That’s how it goes – That’s how it goes (repeat)

Verse 2
I dreamt I made a difference – and then I woke up
got a tightness in my chest – it’s about to erupt
They keep collecting they taxes – I’m a rat in a cage
I’m trying to claw my way up from minimum wage
ain’t got no money for us – ain’t trying to give to the poor
no socialism for you – but they got money for war
they say it trickles down – all we do is wait
unemployment is high – the stock market’s doing great
Like it matters – cause we ain’t got shit to invest
I’m trying to pay my car note and buy a bulletproof vest
best interests in my mind – nobody watching my 6
I’m a Dreamer on a mission for a microphone fix
That’s how I get my kicks – I tried to walk away
But I can’t lay it down ’till my dying day
Because I got what it takes to keep them kids on they toes
I’m gonna keep it 16 ’cause that’s how it goes

That’s how it goes – That’s how it goes (repeat)