Messed Up (2020)

Jeremiah the Dreamer - Muskegon, MI - Hip Hop/Rap Music

“Messed Up” by Jeremiah the Dreamer, released on 06/25/2020. All vocals, beat and guitar by Jeremiah the Dreamer

Verse 1
I’ve forgotten more ideas than I’ve ever written down
I consulted lost and found right before I found my sound
I tried to wear my crown but it clashes with my shoes
they been sleeping on the Dreamer – Why they trying to hit snooze
I ain’t trying to make the news – kicking raps, passing time
Plus the news is always bad – It kinda messes with my mind
Still I’m trying to make a dime – While I find a place to shine
Maintain a constant grind – bring it line after line
’cause we all see the sign hard times around the corner
You gotta work harder or you gonna be a goner
They call it middle class – but the middle of what?
’cause the rich ain’t gotta worry about no money for lunch
and the rich ain’t gotta worry – never shot by a cop
who patrols their neighborhood but don’t live on their block
And the people at the bottom have no time to play
While they slave for that dollar every god damn day

It’s messed up (repeated)

Verse 2
Have you ever noticed mass appeal for asinine behavior’s real
And those that take and take and take always end up with all the cake
This fake deal make or break always on the grift shit
Barely even cryptic – racist in the bull pit
Bullwhip let it crack – Break your own Mother’s back
Kill your neighbor burn his house – claim to be a gentle mouse
Fake tan – Always loud – Always seeking out the crowd
Always lie – Always steal – Always want a better deal
Never Real – Overpriced – Never fair – Loaded dice
Big smile for the show – Never reaping what they sow
Apathy – Appetite – for destruction every night
Be a dick – pick a fight – shit on everybody’s plight
Shake they hand – talk shit – trip ’em while they walking
Always out the side of they face with their talking
Always got a story – it’s a show – it’s a front
Always think they smell like roses but the don’t…. It’s messed up

It’s messed up (repeated)