Mood Swings - Jeremiah the Dreamer

Mood Swings

“Mood Swings” was finished and released in 2001 and was the second mixtape by Jeremiah the Dreamer. Very cool idea, a concept album, that would swing your mood as I went back and forth, song by song from positive to negative, up to down. Notable songs that I still think about and like are: You’ve Got A Choice, Life Is What You Make It, 1,000 Yo’s and Can’t Stop. This was a very cool time for me as it was when I really started to reach out to other emcees in the area and met the others that would make up Fortified Committee which ended up being my first group.

Download Mood Swings – 2001 Jeremiah the Dreamer

If you don’t have something that will open a rar file follow this link.