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Just A Thought

Just a Thought is a new song, recorded and released in January of 2014 by Double Flawless featuring Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit. After a five year hiatus, caused by the retirement of Jeremiah the Dreamer, Double Flawless decided to reunite and bring the fire once again. There is many more to come, Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit are both working on solo albums, as well as working on the Double Flawless album at the same time. Here we go!!!

Double Flawless

Double Flawless is a rap duo formed in 2007 featuring Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit. They released their self titled debut in 2008 which was 20 tracks of fire and to this day can not be matched by the likes of the hip hop scene in Michigan. Some of the songs that are really sick that I still care about are: Born in the City, Fat Bottom Girls, Just Can’t Wait and Reckless.

Download the 2007 Double Flawless – Self Titled

If you don’t have something that will open a rar file follow this link.


Jeremiah the Dreamer

Jeremiah the Dreamer is a Hip Hop artist from Muskegon, MI. Specializing in rap music, the Dreamer made many songs from 1997 up until his retirement in 2007. Jeremiah made somewhere around 200 songs, with many different producer and emcees from around West Michigan.

He was a part of Double Flawless, the Fortified Committee and performed regularly with Dirty Sanchez a local Muskegon Rock Band. He also made many songs with the likes of 2MINDZ and DJ_edubL.

Jeremiah the Dreamer had many different mixtapes out over the years, most notably “From Hell To Redemption” a solo effort, and “Double Flawless” a joint effort with fellow Muskegon based emcee Illicit.

Jeremiah the Dreamer was one of the hardest working underground artists in Muskegon. He made many of his own beats, even playing bass and guitar on some tracks. He was self taught music and recorded all of the tracks heard here within his own home. I hope you enjoy!!!

Double Flawless Album

Download Jeremiah the Dreamer Music


2014 – The Black Album – Jeremiah the Dreamer
2007 Jeremiah the Dreamer – Self Titled Mixtape
2007 Double Flawless – Self Titled
2007 Jeremiah the Dreamer – From Hell To Redemption
2002 Dirty Sanchez feat Jeremiah the Dreamer
2001 Jeremiah the Dreamer – Mood Swings
2001 Fortified Committee – Self Titled
1999 Jeremiah the Dreamer – Illogic

If you don’t have something that will open a rar file follow this link.