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Blame It On Me

Blame It On Me is the first solo song released in 2014 after a 6 year hiatus by Jeremiah the Dreamer. Blame It On Me is an idea I had after finding a very sick beat off of the net by who knows who… LOL. As soon as I heard the beat I was thinking about my kids, including my unborn baby. The song starts with verse one being me rapping to my unborn child, and finishing with verse two me talking to all three of my children. Very cool and touching song. Potentially my best and most meaningful to date.

Just A Thought

Just a Thought is a new song, recorded and released in January of 2014 by Double Flawless featuring Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit. After a five year hiatus, caused by the retirement of Jeremiah the Dreamer, Double Flawless decided to reunite and bring the fire once again. There is many more to come, Jeremiah the Dreamer and Illicit are both working on solo albums, as well as working on the Double Flawless album at the same time. Here we go!!!